School Schedule

If you would like for your student to enjoy a school breakfast, please have them arrive at 7:45 a.m.  The first bell will ring at 8:00 a.m. At that time, students will go to their classrooms.  Our tardy bell is at 8:10 a.m. We will not have Morning Play until further notice. If your child will not eat breakfast, they should not arrive before 8:00 am. Below are the zoned entries:

Entrance A


The entrance nearest The Kindergarten classrooms and closest to St. Claire Avenue. 

Entrance B

1st Grade

The main building entrance under the main overhang

Entrance C

2nd and 3rd Grade

Enter the building from the front of the building to the door closest to the gym. They will walk up the stairs, down the hallway leading to the ramp, then down the ramp to their classrooms. 

Entrance D

4th and 5th Grade

Enter from the playground into the door that is closest to the classroom (You can drop students in the back of the building off of High School Drive or they can walk safely from the front of the building to the back of the building. There is no traffic in this part of our parking lot at this time of the morning. There is also a path leading to the playground.)


Kindergarten Entrance A 3:05 pm (no bell)

1st Grade Entrance B 3:07 pm (no bell)

2nd Grade Entrance C 3:09 pm (no bell)

3rd Grade Entrance C 3:11 pm (no bell)

4th Grade Entrance D 3:13 pm (no bell)

5th Grade Entrance D 3:15 pm (final bell)