McGrath Elementary School Directory

The directory below includes all McGrath Elementary School staff members listed in alphabetical order. Please use the search feature to find a specific staff member and click on each name to view additional directory information.

Gabrielle Asher

Art Teacher

Danielle Bowen

Social Worker

Nicole Burnett


Joe Carthon

Special Education Paraprofessional

Dr. Lindsay Clemens

Special Education Instructional Coach

Malorie Deeken

Fifth Grade Teacher

Shea DeVille

First Grade Teacher

Evelyn Fleischer

Third Grade Teacher

Jonathan Gast

Special Education Paraprofessional

Dr. Kelsey Grammer

ELA Curriculum Coordinator

Shannon Gruzeski

School Counselor

Claire Hartman

Reading Interventionist

Shannon Head

School Nurse

Tom Hempfling


Kyle Henderson

LEAP Teacher

Mary Herbst

School Psychologist

Erin Hubert

Math Interventionist

Jenn Huffaker

Speech and Language Pathologist
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